Never has there been such promise for people living with melanoma. We have more treatments and clinical trials available than ever before, and new therapies are constantly on the horizon. While some skin cancers may be aggressive, Outrun the Sun is committed to being even more aggressive in our quest to finding a cure. If you have a special interest in eradicating this disease, please join us. We welcome you.

Fueling Melanoma Research

The Outrun the Sun Melanoma Research Scholar Program supports young investigators who represent some of the nation's top medical institutions. We are honored to support these scholars who help pioneer life-saving discoveries that benefit patients around the world. 

Sun Safety Curricula

Giving people and organizations the tools they need to teach sun safety is vital to giving our kids a lifetime of good skin health. We applaud our partners across America whether they are Girl Scout troop leaders, homeschool parents, camp counselors, or teachers. YOU make the difference!  

Learn About Melanoma

Melanoma affects people of all ages and races, and it is estimated that more than 207,000 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the United States this year. Learn about prevention, early detection, and clinical trials. Try the melanoma risk calculator and download your guide to early detection. 

Preparing Tomorrow's Physicians

We have long known that melanoma is easier to treat at its onset. Thanks to recent funding, our team is developing the first-ever, comprehensive skin cancer curriculum for medical schools. We’ll provide the tools needed to better prepare ALL students, not only those studying dermatology. COMING SOON! 

Order OTS Merchandise

Join the Outrun the Sun team by sporting your favorite OTS-branded merchandise. Choose from regular and UPF clothing, including sweatshirts, quarter-zip styles, hats, and more. Our UV-sensitive wristbands change color when exposed to sunlight, reminding you to be sun safe. Proceeds support OTS' educational programs. 

Learn your risk

Try our melanoma calculator to learn your risk. Also, download Your Guide to Early Detection for useful tips, prevention, and information about skin cancer among people of color.

Meet Our Researchers

Explore their videos, bios, and more.

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Omar Ali, PhD

Harvard University (formerly)
Lyell Immunopharma

Steve Barthel, PhD

Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard Medical School

Matthew Block, MD, PhD

Mayo Clinic

Claudia Capparelli, PhD

Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson University

Tsing Cheng, PhD

New York University (formerly)
Medical Science Liason, AbbVie


Timothy Corson, PhD

Indiana University

News and Updates

Explore current events, articles, and more.

In the Community

OTS is involved in outreach events like our sun safety program at the Indianapolis 500.

Race Against Melanoma

Join us October 8 for the Outrun the Sun Race Against Melanoma. Registration coming soon!

2022 Online Forum

Scholars share the latest updates on their work and what it means for melanoma patients.

2022 Scholar Program

Apply now! We are taking applications for our Melanoma Research Scholar Program.

Fundraise for OTS

Plan your own event. Meet the Baker family that has raised over $100,000 to support the mission.